Solar Battery

Solar Battery Storage and Backup

The lithium-ion solar battery has emerged in the past decade as a game-changing product to support sustainable energy development by giving people the ability to store green energy instead of sending it back to the utility grid.

Solar-powered batteries also provide backup electricity during power outages. A fully-powered battery bank helps you avoid peak power times and Global Adjustment costs.

Commercial and industrial buildings with solar installations benefit from batteries in multiple applications. Large lithium-ion batteries enable businesses to use their solar power when utility power is expensive and switch to utility power during off-peak hours when it is cheaper.

Particularly for larger solar energy projects, a battery investment makes sense. Why give that power back to the grid when you can use it locally?

Solar Battery - Installation and repair
Solar battery - solar energy solutions

Why Choose Redwood Solutions?

Our certified and experienced experts and technicians leverage cutting-edge testing equipment and extensive technical knowledge to provide you with top-notch and cost-effective solar solutions to meet and exceed your needs.

We understand energy systems inside and out. Regarding energy optimization, no job is too big for us. Before deploying any modifications, we conduct a thorough assessment while monitoring your existing systems. Moreover, we provide you with some viable options based on your requirements and operating budget.

Our customer support helpline is active 24/7 for free technical consultations and queries.

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