How Redwood Works

How Redwood Works

Founded in 2008, Redwood Energy Solutions is here to make saving energy simple and affordable while building a greener future for generations to come. 
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Our mission is clear: to complete sustainable energy projects that align with your Net Zero and ESG goals. Let’s chat about how we can tailor solutions to fit your needs and budget. Plus, our initial assessment is on the house, giving you a roadmap to savings and sustainability.

Redwood Energy Solutions
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Why Renewable Solar Energy Is the Way Forward

Renewable solar energy represents a pivotal shift towards sustainable practices. Harnessing the boundless power of the sun, solar technology has advanced exponentially, rendering solar cells more efficient and productive than ever before. With decreasing costs, businesses are increasingly drawn to invest in solar energy, recognizing its potential to enhance operational efficiency and ensure long-term sustainability.

Energy-efficient Solutions

LED, and HVAC retrofits

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The Redwood Process: Let’s Get SET for Success

Redwood Energy Solutions takes care of all the steps for your energy savings project.

Our approach is comprehensive and looks at your building’s energy consumption today and plans for tomorrow with SMART goals and best-in-class solutions to implement energy optimization solutions that include solar energy, battery storage, LED, EV, and HVAC.

We get started with a holistic assessment of where opportunities to optimize exist at your building by looking at your energy Source, Equipment, and Time-of-use (SET).

Once we have you SET up for success, we finalize your best options for energy savings, reduced carbon footprint, and measured improvements. We then develop a savings plan that includes your internal metrics and program qualifications.

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How do we get Started?

Our process is streamlined to provide your team company with a customized energy savings report and proposal at no cost quickly and accurately.  

What Can you Expect?