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Why Solar?

  • Receive $5600 from the Greener Home Grant when you go solar! Limited availability!
  • Solar energy is a plentiful, renewable energy source in Ontario, Canada that can power your home and reduce your rising electricity costs and carbon footprint for 25 years +!!!
  • Solar provides electricity at a reduced cost to utility pricing. Why pay more?
  • Solar provides a long-term electricity solution for your home adding value to your home. Sell for more!
  • Solar helps avoid rising utility rates that are averaging 5-7% per annum across markets. Own don’t rent your power!
  • You can combine solar with batteries for a fully off grid system*
*Conditional upon load demand at site
solar installation

Why Batteries?

EV Charge Stations

Why Redwood Energy Solutions For Residential Solar Installation?


our team of solar professionals has been selling solar in Canada, USA, and Caribbean markets for over 10 years with experience in residential and commercial projects.

Best in Class Product

Redwood Energy looks at your energy needs, future needs, and picks tier 1 product to support your energy needs and project budget.

Fast Installation

Our professional solar installers are experienced with more than 10 years of solar experience in Ontario. Don’t go with the unknown.

solar installation
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Small Commercial Markets

Discover why solar energy is perfect for owner-operators seeking to reduce costs for their owned buildings! Redwood Energy Solutions also offers commercial solar panel installations, so check it out.